Your Leader P.O.V.®

Leaders, who have a clear point of view (P.O.V.) on what they believe about leadership and on how they define themselves as a leader, are believed to have increased influence and impact.  CODA Partners provides tools and programs to help leaders achieve this clarity, and to prepare leaders to articulate their Leader P.O.V.® in a way that is concise, memorable and compelling.

The Leader P.O.V.® is a highly personalized philosophy of leadership that has been shaped by prior experiences and changed, clarified, or strengthen by insights gained from journaling and new learning.  It conveys the essence of your leadership and helps others know:

  • Your definition of leadership and what you believe to be the role, responsibilities, and relationships of leaders and followers.
  • Why you chose to be a leader and what you hope to accomplish as a leader – your leadership INTENTION.
  • The beliefs, guiding principles, philosophy, and nonnegotiable expectations that influence the leader you are and what you expect of followers.
  • The leader you are, or aspire to be – your leader IDENTITY.

If a leader can be guided to think differently about a leader challenge, he can act differently. And if her thinking expands by thinking differently, her repertoire of leader behaviors expands. – James Sartain


The Connected Leadership Journal: A Yearlong Exploration of Your Leader P.O.V.®

The journal can be used by individuals or as a companion tool with one of the CODA Partners interactive learning programs including the Connected Leadership Program and the Leader P.O.V.® Capstone Experience.

Learn more about the Connected Leadership Journal or select another CODA Partners evidence-based program or tools for your organization, community or university leadership development.