by Kathryn Davanzo M.ED. and James Sartain, PH.D.

Connecting with Executives is designed to provide insights to use when preparing a presentation in which you seek to influence the thinking, decisions, and actions of executives.

As a result of this program you will be able to:

  1. Connect with executives in ways that allow you to contribute to their ability to think, decide, and act consistently with their roles and responsibilities.  (Connection)
  2. Clearly articulate the purpose of an executive presentation from your own perspective and from the perspective of the executive(s). (Intention)
  3. Gain and retain the attention of executives. (Attention)
  4. Respond to questions in ways that extend your message and your intention. (Extension)
  5. Conclude your presentation in a way that compels executives to make best use of that which you have shared, recommended, or asked. (Conclusion)


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