Kenneth (Kenny) Gonzalez first shared his Leader P.O.V.® upon completion of Leadership Saint Leo in 2010.  Seven years later it continues to resonate for him.  In this audio, Kenny is sharing his Leader P.O.V.® with newly certified Connected Leadership trainers.

Kenny tells us he shares his Leader P.O.V.® with job applicants and thereby shares what those who choose to work for him can expect from him.  When facing a difficult challenge or at the end of a long day he reads his Leader P.O.V.® as a reminder of what he finds most important.


Erika Brennan, currently women’s golf coach at the University of South Florida, completed a CODA provided leadership program in 2012. We met recently and Erika talked about how she continues to share the lessons she learned in that program.  She shared she is guided daily by the leadership philosophy she shared in her Leader P.O.V.® statement.

In her introduction before presenting her Leader P.O.V.®  Erika reminded the audience that she was, in 2012,  just beginning her leadership journey.  As a coach she was leading others but she did not yet have any “employees.”  She also talked about her biggest leader responsibility.  She was a new mother, a leadership role she declared to be her most important.

In light of these things, and because she is highly creative,  Erika wrote her Leader P.O.V.® in the form of a nursery rhyme.  Learn about Erika’s Leader Point of View.  Listen here.