The Connected Leadership Facilitator's Kit (a $995 value) is provided, in both hard and electronic copy, to participants of a Connected Leadership Train the Trainer program.

Facilitator's Guide - One Copy

1. Introduction to the Connected Leadership Framework and Program
2. Facilitating the Connected Leadership Program
3. References and Resources
4. Preparing to Conduct the Program
5. Delivering the Program
6. Program Organized into Eight Half Day Sessions

Connected Leadership Participant Workbook - One Copy

2nd Edition of Participant Workbook

Connected Leadership Journal: Exploring Your Leader P.O.V.®

1. Hard Copy -2nd Edition of Connected Leadership Journal
2. OnLine Version - 2nd Edition of Connected Leadership Journal
3. OnLine Student Version - Connected Leadership Journal for Students

Program Content

1. Delivery Notes
2. Suggested Scripts
3. Customizable PPTs

Logos, Marks, and Graphs for Use in Customized Materials

1. JPEG Versions
2. PNG Versions
3. PDF Versions

Materials to Support Delivery

1. A CODA Learning Tool - Creating Individual Learning Goals
2. Case Studies for Extending the Learning and Debriefing Notes
3. Stories to Demonstrate the Framework (Written, Audio, and Video)
4. Sample Leader P.O.V.® Statement (Written, Audio and Video)

Background Information and Evidence Basis of Framework

1. Article - ACUA - Colleges and University Journal
2. Article - HR Review - Leader Development
3. Article - Virginia Human Resources Today
4. Research - Examining the Process of Leader Self Identity Development
5. Research - An Exploration of The Effectiveness of Reflective Practices on Adult Learning by James P. Sartain, PH.D.
6. Podcasts to Extend Knowledge of Connected Leadership

Logistical Materials

1. Guide to Analyze and Understand the Sponsoring Organization and the Participants
2. Certificate of Completion Template
3. Tent Card Templates
4. Sample Between Sessions Communication
5. Preparing to Conduct the Session - Planning Checklist
6. Sample Memo to Supervisors of Participants in Advance of Program
7. Sample Memo to Participants in Advance of Program
8. Guide to Selecting Participants
9. Sample OnLine Surveys - Post Session and Post Program

Marketing Materials

1. Connected Leadership Flyer Customized to the Certified Trainer
2. Connected Leadership One Page - Customized to the Certified Trainer
3. Comparing Connected Leadership with Other Programs - A Matrix
4. Using the Connected Leadership Journal Flyer - Customized to the Certified Trainer

Price List

1. Retail Price List
2. Certified Trainer's Discounted Price List
3. Directions for Placing Orders