Dr. James P. Sartain




Our initial meeting was unorthodox.  We discovered we were hired by different senior leaders to perform essentially the same responsibilities for the same population of employees.  Rather than being threatened by this we reframed our predicament by focusing on our shared belief that we would find a way to provide exponentially greater value to this organization than either of us could do so alone.

Over time, we began to rely on each other’s strengths to solve a wider range of organizational challenges. Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves at the senior leadership table, having replaced the senior leaders who initially hired us.  Our story serves as an example of the power of partnership.  We have leveraged this collective power in our work both inside and outside of organizations for over 25 years.

In 2003, we established CODA Partners,  a professional services firm specializing in individual, leader, team, and organizational development.  This gave us the platform to take what we had learned as senior leaders within organizations to help others achieve their best results.   We have had the honor of working with thousands of individuals from a diverse array of teams and organizations.

As we advanced in our work, so too did our thinking about what constituted enduring and effective leadership. Through our interviews and interactions with leaders, we began to collect information about the behaviors, traits, and beliefs of leaders.  Over time, we observed specific commonalities shared by leaders who perceived themselves as effective and who were perceived as effective by those around them. Those initial observations about what made leaders effective were tested and supported through our research. We shifted the design of our leadership development programs to become more evidence-based; targeting those factors that we believe are most associated with leader success.   Our research and years of consulting led to the creation of the Connected Leadership Framework® which serves as an organizing model for our collective coaching, consulting, and training work.

Today CODA Partners, Inc. is moving beyond its roots in customized leadership development programs to share their learning materials with others and to engage others in conversations and research that will further advance the field of cognitive leadership.

We hope you will join the journey.

Kathy and Jim

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