Friday, March 3, 2017
By Kathryn Davanzo

The CODA Connected Leadership Program is now more readily available for you.  CODA has begun the process of creating a national network of certified trainers who will be authorized to bring this program to your organization.

Our initial group of CODA certified trainers was selected for their years of successful experience in developing leaders at all levels.  They bring experiences in a variety of industries and organization types allowing you to select a certified trainer who can quickly understand your business and the challenges faced by your experienced and emerging leaders.

In January, CODA certified six additional trainers who can deliver CODA Connected Leadership Program at your location.  These six joined program designers and CODA founders,

Dr. Jim Sartain and

Kathy Davanzo,

and three previously certified trainers:

Carole R. Gill               CRG Coaching

Michele Norris             Navigen Leadership

Liz Yourkievitz             CODA Partners

Visit the Connected-Leadership website to learn more about the Connected Leadership Program and meet the newest Certified Trainers:

Todd York                      AudaxHR

Susan Craft                    Consulting by Design Princess Anne, LTD

Jennifer Currence        OnCore Management Solutions, LLC

Valerie Fulbright         The Fulbright Method

Carolyn Quintin           Quintin and Associates

Dr. Jody Conway          FullCircle TB

Contact CODA, or one of our Certified Trainers today to learn how the CODA Connected Leadership Program can:  help your leaders be better leaders, build the leadership culture your organization seeks, and provide your people the leaders they deserve.

To inquire about becoming a Certified Trainer email us at







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