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CODA is a professional collaboration of leadership development experts, researchers, human resources professionals, OD practitioners, and certified coaches. For over 30 years, we have researched and field-tested how to help individuals grow into leaders and to improve their leadership effectiveness. With decades of measurable results, we can offer highly-engaging, evidence-based curricula and strategies. Every case study, classroom activity, reflective practice, and guided discussion is designed to help clarify and strengthen the leader's identity and to help refine the tools necessary to lead others to optimal results.

Below is a quick look at some of our leading program tools. Contact one of our qualified Certified Trainers to discuss what’s next.

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1. Contact any CODA Certified Trainer to learn more about program options and pricing.

2. Your Certified CODA Trainer will work with you to develop a customized training plan to meet your specific training needs.

3. Your Certified CODA Trainer will match your needs with CODA materials, delivery options and other CODA offerings including individual coaching, in-house mentorship, case study events, train-the-trainer certifications, program evaluations, and access to our leader development articles and research.

4. Your Certified CODA Trainer will share how CODA will help you ensure new learning is applied and sustained.


Talk with a CODA Certified Trainer to determine how our proven developmental solutions can help meet your needs.

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Yes. Any CODA certified trainer can provide you with electronic previews of CODA program materials. You may also obtain previews by emailing us at

For over 20 years, CODA’s founding partners have conducted research regarding what works in leadership development while serving as leadership development practitioners. This scholar-practitioner focus led to a grounded theory on leader self-identity emergence and the evidence-based framework known as Connected Leadership®. The Connected-Leadership program is built on that framework.

In any CODA program, the richness of the experience and the learning comes from the participants. Rather than describe or prescribe the “right” leader behavior, trainers use high-impact activities, guided discussions, case studies, that encourage participants to reflect on who they are, and aspire to be as leaders, to share the lessons of their past experiences, and to consider how they will apply new learning to current challenges.

The program has been nationally recognized for its outcome-driven approach to leadership development and its research in leadership development best practices.

No. In order to ensure that its programs are delivered in a manner consistent with its grounded theory and evidence-based learning practices CODA requires that customers work with a CODA Certified Trainer.

Any CODA Certified Trainer can provide you with electronic previews of CODA program materials.

Email us at for assistance in selecting the CODA Certified Trainer whose experiences best align with your industry.

Yes. CODA offers license agreements to organizations who have their own experienced development professionals. That license agreement includes a train the trainer program to certify an agreed upon number of in-house trainers and all materials those trainers would need to deliver the program. Contact us at or call 727-302-9170 to discuss this option further.

The Connected Leadership program provides an effective learning opportunity for experienced, emerging, and even future leaders, from all organizational levels.

The Connected Communication program is designed to serve any individual or leader seeking to increase their influence and impact on the thinking, actions, and decisions of others.

The Connected Teamwork program is designed for anyone leading or preparing to lead a team.